Finding the right name for my first blog was actually quite time consuming.  Scruffy dude wasn’t my first thought.  In fact, I tried a number of names that were already used- banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate pancakes (I really like pancakes), rusted orange (my favorite color), yellow bike, and more.  Finally, scruffy dude came to mind.  I plugged it in and shockingly, it was available. 

The word scruff isn’t just a description of one’s facial hair.  It’s a state of mind.  It can easily depict a guy who intends on living his life laid back and easy-going.  It’s a guy who’s not in too much of a hurry to miss the scenery or not too crazy to listen to his friends tell a story.  Scruff is a guy who has learned that patience and simplicity are some of the more enviable characteristics of life.  Scruff can breathe as the clock ticks.  This is why I like to at least have a one-two day growth of scruff- to remind me of the scruff mentality.  Because all too often I can be the clean-shaven guy.  The one who doesn’t take time to enjoy the view, and often times I miss it.   

Now, the second part of my blog-name is “dude.”  Why did I pick this?  I guess it would come naturally after the word scruffy.  Most “dudes” tend to have the scruff mentality and much of this is true, think the Big Lebowski.  It also is a word that I absolutely cannot stop saying after every question (What’s up, Dude?) or statement (Dude, that was a phehomenal game), for which I am not exactly proud.  It also totally affirms me as the stereotypical coastal, white, blonde dude that I am.  So “dude” semi-encapsulates part of my identity, good or bad. 

So there you have it- Scruffy Dude.  Not the most inspirational name, but not the least inspirational.  Somewhere in between, maybe.  Either way, it’s kind of me.  Hope you all enjoy my blog.