I continue to stumble upon moments of relaxation that support the scruffy way of life.  Sometimes these moments are created and sometimes they just happen.  I like the ones that just happen.  Like a few days ago, my sister and her dog Moses came over.  We were planning on watching a movie, but instead walked down to 12 South Tap and shared a few beers and a few laughs.  That was scruff.  That was the goods of life. 

 As hard as it is to remember the simplest things in life are almost always free, I think it bests that sometimes we try to intentionally live life in simplest forms.  Like going commando on a hot 95 degree Nashville day, just letting the breeze cool you off.  Or cutting off an old pair of cords to make cord shorts instead of buying a new pair.  Ah, my favorite- just letting your hair grow and grow…

Today, I find myself in a scruff moment.  Sitting here, dog-sitting my roommate’s  mellow chocolate lab named Conan.  Listening to Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams album on the record player, wondering what he means when he sings a line in Hawaiian-laka loka liki- something…  “Everything we need is enough” what a great line.  Definately a scruff line.  Who cares about your stance on illegal immigration or what you think about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  Let’s just sit back, have some woodchuck cider and listen to this album.  This is life.  This and tiki torches…which I just put up on my patio.  It’s the simple things.