Long walks

Greenway Nashville

I believe that everyone should allow themselves a couple long walks a week in order to meditate on things going on in life.  I started doing this again a few days ago.  Nashville has a great system called the Greenway that allows people to walk around the entire city without having to compete with highways and traffic.  The system has pedestrian-wide paved trails that meander through some of the most beautiful natural spots the city has to offer.  It’s quiet most of the time and most spots follow along rivers and creeks that feed into the Cumberland.  I like it.

Today, I took some pictures along the way.  It really was a perfect day for a walk.  The sky was bright blue and the breeze kept the day from getting too hot.  I started along the Stones Creek area and walked through farmlands of cattle-filled rolling hills.  This scruffy guy needed the fresh air, the clean smell of the outside.

I ended up in a soccer park full of soccer fields and nets.  That with the smell of

Greenway Nashville

fresh cut grass took me back to the days when I used to play.  Two kids were on the field playing around, passing and shooting on each other.  Care-free young guys with so much to look forward to in their life.  I thought of Delaware and YMCA soccer, NCBA regional champs, and college pick-up games.

I turned around and headed back to the car, each scene a little different than before due to the sunlight sinking a bit further below the tree line.  Saw a bunch of butterflies and bumble bees competing for reign on tops of wildflowers, purple and yellow.  Saw a praying mantis on the old-wooden fence that lined the walkway.  Saw a kid I teach in homeroom skating down a great hill with two of his friends, headphones on their ears, oblivious to the natural beauty that surrounded them.  Saw families and little kids on bikes, memories of Delcastle and bike-tag in Klair Estates filled my mind.  Made it back to the car and drove away.

I do believe in getting away from it all as often as realistically possible.  It helps me to center  priorities and put things into perspective.  It gives me a chance to enjoy the free and simple things.  And it’s definitely good for the soul- scruff or no scruff.

Greenway Nashville


“In Between Dreams” and Tiki Torches

I continue to stumble upon moments of relaxation that support the scruffy way of life.  Sometimes these moments are created and sometimes they just happen.  I like the ones that just happen.  Like a few days ago, my sister and her dog Moses came over.  We were planning on watching a movie, but instead walked down to 12 South Tap and shared a few beers and a few laughs.  That was scruff.  That was the goods of life. 

 As hard as it is to remember the simplest things in life are almost always free, I think it bests that sometimes we try to intentionally live life in simplest forms.  Like going commando on a hot 95 degree Nashville day, just letting the breeze cool you off.  Or cutting off an old pair of cords to make cord shorts instead of buying a new pair.  Ah, my favorite- just letting your hair grow and grow…

Today, I find myself in a scruff moment.  Sitting here, dog-sitting my roommate’s  mellow chocolate lab named Conan.  Listening to Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams album on the record player, wondering what he means when he sings a line in Hawaiian-laka loka liki- something…  “Everything we need is enough” what a great line.  Definately a scruff line.  Who cares about your stance on illegal immigration or what you think about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  Let’s just sit back, have some woodchuck cider and listen to this album.  This is life.  This and tiki torches…which I just put up on my patio.  It’s the simple things.   

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is one worth reading

The one and only book I’ve read so far this summer is one that I will never forget.  The Story of Edgar Sawtelle has easily gone down on my list of favorite books.  The world that David Wroblewski has created is extremely telling, suspensful, vengeful, redemptive, and most of all, endearing- especially the relationship between Edgar and his dogs.  To those who are interested in learning more about this book that will soon become a movie produced by Tom Hanks, follow the link http://www.davidwroblewski.com/reviews.html  I especially recommend this books to guys who are pursueing the scruff mentality.  The whole 576 pages alone will take some patience in finishing, but it will more than likely captivate you.  There’s adventure throughout!

Scruff and Dude

Finding the right name for my first blog was actually quite time consuming.  Scruffy dude wasn’t my first thought.  In fact, I tried a number of names that were already used- banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate pancakes (I really like pancakes), rusted orange (my favorite color), yellow bike, and more.  Finally, scruffy dude came to mind.  I plugged it in and shockingly, it was available. 

The word scruff isn’t just a description of one’s facial hair.  It’s a state of mind.  It can easily depict a guy who intends on living his life laid back and easy-going.  It’s a guy who’s not in too much of a hurry to miss the scenery or not too crazy to listen to his friends tell a story.  Scruff is a guy who has learned that patience and simplicity are some of the more enviable characteristics of life.  Scruff can breathe as the clock ticks.  This is why I like to at least have a one-two day growth of scruff- to remind me of the scruff mentality.  Because all too often I can be the clean-shaven guy.  The one who doesn’t take time to enjoy the view, and often times I miss it.   

Now, the second part of my blog-name is “dude.”  Why did I pick this?  I guess it would come naturally after the word scruffy.  Most “dudes” tend to have the scruff mentality and much of this is true, think the Big Lebowski.  It also is a word that I absolutely cannot stop saying after every question (What’s up, Dude?) or statement (Dude, that was a phehomenal game), for which I am not exactly proud.  It also totally affirms me as the stereotypical coastal, white, blonde dude that I am.  So “dude” semi-encapsulates part of my identity, good or bad. 

So there you have it- Scruffy Dude.  Not the most inspirational name, but not the least inspirational.  Somewhere in between, maybe.  Either way, it’s kind of me.  Hope you all enjoy my blog.